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We turn your coal into diamonds.

(Metaphorically speaking.)

Creative Editing

Just like any old-fashioned editor, we’ll take red pen in hand and scan your work for grammatical errors, misspellings, funky syntax, and other problems. But what’s unique about WMG is that we don’t simply deal with problems; we edit with attention to the work’s potential. We call this process creative editing. We don’t just point out errors; we also suggest better word choices, punchier phrases, and some ideas for good examples and illustrations.

Then, we give comprehensive feedback which encompasses an argumentative critique, tips on style, and an expert’s account of your “voice” and how you might strengthen it. Unlike most other editors, we go to the trouble to coach you as we correct you — and it’s all part of the same standard fee.

Revision Services

Some clients prefer that we simply rewrite their work for them, and it’s an option we’re happy to offer. We start by reviewing your work and having a brief discussion with you about your intentions for it. Then, we work through the original text, noting changes in place and making several passes until the text has reached its next evolution. The finished product remains 100% your intellectual property, even if we’ve made substantial changes and improvements.

We offer this service at the same hourly rate as our “standard” creative editing and markup. The only difference is that revision requires more time than markup and will therefore cost slightly more — but every client who has chosen this route has decided that the extra time was worth it!

How Pricing Works

Our standard rate is $30 per hour for both creative editing and revision services. If you send us your work and indicate which of the two services interest you, we’ll be happy to provide a quote for you at no charge.

The quote will include an official time ceiling, which is the maximum number of hours for which we’ll bill on that work. We do this so that our clients are never blindsided by an invoice that’s higher than they expected. If it takes us less time than we quoted, you’re only charged for the hours we used — and if it takes longer than that time ceiling, the extra time is on the house!

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