Terms of Service
Greyden Press, What’s New in HR Anthology Website
November 10, 2014

This is an agreement between Williamson Media Group, LLC (“Provider”) and each participating author of Greyden Press’ 2014 human resources anthology, What’s Next in HR. (Henceforth “Client” refers to you, individually, and “Clients” refers to all participating authors.)

By selecting “I have read and agree to the Terms of Service” on the previous page, you consent to be bound by this agreement and its terms, to fulfill all obligations accordingly placed upon you, and to do so in a complete and timely fashion. The Provider openly accepts this agreement on its full terms and enters into it with any eligible, participating author who indicates consent and provides the below-required payment for services. This agreement does not bind the authors to one another in any way.

The Provider has written these Terms to create a “minimally viable product.” That is, this agreement is designed to govern only the first complete version of a product, in this case the anthology’s website. That there is opportunity for expansion for the website, or for applications not herein described, but they are not the concern of this agreement.

As conditions of this agreement, the Provider will:

  • Provide hosting for the website (i.e. the server space needed to technologically support it)
  • Create a consistent visual design to complement the book and to invite further reading
  • Construct all of the site’s pages, to include a homepage, one (1) page for each Client, and one or more pages about the anthology/publication/other info
  • Build a blog for the authors where they can continue to blog as themselves
  • Ghost-write each author’s first blog post (likely 200-500 words) based on their submitted material
  • Give blog access to each Client and moderate as needed

As conditions of this agreement, you, a Client, will:

  • Submit payment in full as indicated below (as is a condition of entry)
  • Submit necessary materials to the Provider (your chapter, biographical info, headshot, links/contact info)
  • Respect your co-authors online. See below.

Payment. Any Client who opts in for the website on or before Tuesday, November 18, 2014 will owe $150, to be paid by credit card/PayPal (below) or by check (will need to contact Provider). After that date, prospective Clients must pay $175 to opt in. All other parts of this agreement will still apply after the change in price.

Ownership. The Provider retains ownership of the website’s design and hosting. The Clients retain ownership of their respective chapters and other submitted materials. Each Client owns the blog post the Provider ghostwrites on his/her behalf.

Responsiveness. Each Client is obligated to respond to the Provider’s correspondence and relevant requests (especially requests for the content needed for the website). Repeated failure on any Client’s part to respond to the Provider and/or submit necessary materials within a reasonable time is grounds for termination of this agreement (between Provider and that Client) without refund.

Access. The Provider guarantees that the website will remain in suitable condition and will remain accessible to Clients until at least December 1, 2016.

Moderating the Blog. When the Provider has completed the initial build of the website, the Provider will issue login instructions and credentials to each participating Client. Each Client will be able to use them freely, but clients must respect one another on the blog. Any obscene, offensive, excessive, unprofessional, inappropriate, or otherwise annoying behaviors will be addressed first with a written warning and then with a permanent ban. The Provider has discretion to monitor, assess, and address any such activity and take action without issuing redress or refund.

Termination and Refunds. A Client may terminate this agreement and receive a refund if all of the following conditions are met. (1) The Client terminates it voluntarily. (2) The Client terminates it in writing to the Provider. (3) As of the submission of that written termination, the Provider has not posted that Client’s ghostwriting sample to the blog.