A Brief History of Williamson Media Group

circa 2006

Kevin is a sophomore in high school. His World History teacher is well-qualified, but hopelessly disorganized. Which troubles everyone, since the Advanced Placement exam is kind of a big deal. He puts out plenty of materials, but after a month or so, everyone has a pile of papers and no idea what to do with them.

Kevin learned about free websites and decides to build one to organize the materials. (If you’re wondering, you can see it here, though God knows what kind of disrepair it’s in.) It hardly makes him one of the cool kids, but people take notice and actually use it. Which turns on a light bulb in his head: this stuff is cool, it’s useful, and it brings people together. Duly noted.

circa 2010

Kevin is a sophomore at the College of William and Mary. He’s a history major and has every intention of becoming a history teacher. During his first year as a freshman RA, he meets Ronak Patel and Danny Otto.

May 2013

Kevin has graduated from the College with a B.A. in History, but has abandoned his plan of becoming a teacher, thanks largely to Ronak’s “bootstrap it” attitude and entrepreneurial teachings.

At dinner the night of graduation, Kevin’s aunt, Cathy Fyock, mentions that many professionals in her neck of the woods (speakers, consultants, human-resources people) are clueless about websites and social media and would be a good market. Kevin mostly forgets this suggestion.

Kevin lives in Williamsburg with Ronak and works with him on side businesses; meanwhile, Kevin waits tables at a local bistro to pay the rent.

September 2013

Kevin receives a phone call from Cathy. She tells him about her new business and new book idea and, knowing his proclivity for writing, invites his feedback. Impressed with his edits, she invites him to rewrite a chapter; further impressed by the re-write, she invites him to co-author the whole book. He accepts, and work on On Your Mark: From First Word to First Draft in Six Weeks begins in earnest.

Kevin remembers Cathy’s idea from before and asks her about the viability of starting a business around it. It still holds great promise, apparently. Kevin gets to work.

October 2013

Williamson Media Group is officially launched, paperwork and all. (Though, at that time, it was only a nights-and-weekends sort of affair, and there were very few clients to speak of.) The initial specialities are blogging and website construction.

November 2013

Kevin returns home for his cousin’s wedding. At this time, he realizes that he needs to move back to Louisville. Kevin parts ways professionally with Ronak; the split is amicable, and the two continue to help one another with their respective businesses.

January 2014

On Your Mark is published in the United States. Electronic editions are available on Amazon right away; the print-on-demand copies follow a few weeks later. Kevin expands his business to include editing, ghostwriting, and creative consulting services, in tune with the tenor of the book.

March 2014

Williamson Media Group is growing enough for Kevin to leave his day job waiting tables. We are officially off the ground!

Kevin launches a new blog project entitled The Hard Way, about lessons learned and stories from his new life as an entrepreneur.

April 2014

Ronak and Danny’s startup, Zairge, is accepted to DreamIt Ventures, one of the top three tech accelerators in the United States. There is great joy in the household, followed by an incredible hangover.

Kevin moves back to Kentucky. He spends the spring and summer helping his family’s farm, Sunset Harvest, get their creative direction off the ground, including the launch of a website for their CSA program. While he’s at it, he learns more about heirloom tomatoes than he had ever planned to.