Web Design by WMG

We’re not your typical web designers.

Let’s start with the cold, hard numbers.

Typical Web Designers

Takes at least six weeks to build your site
(and can take much longer)

Inflexible for changes or feedback
(you’ll have to wait longer and/or pay more)

Major updates require you to start over
(and pay for it all over again!)

Typical Build Cost

Williamson Media Group

Takes four weeks to build your site
(if not less)

Quick, flexible changes at any time
(plug-and-play, baby!)

We help you stay independent into the future
(and if you need help later, just ask)

Typical Build Cost

Here’s how we do it.

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WMG Web Design Tool

The Web Design Tool is the questionnaire we use to start web projects.
It’s designed to help you share what you have in mind.
It’s not binding in any way — it’s just meant to help share your ideas!

It’s totally worth it…

  • It’s all checkboxes and multiple choice.
  • You can finish it in fifteen minutes or less.
  • It helps us make something awesome for you!
Give It a Try!

Here’s the PDF version, so you can look it over, get ideas, pass it around.
We’ll consider it just the same if you mail it to us (find our address here).