1401869385_wordpressWhy WordPress?

We mention at several points that we build our websites using WordPress.

For those of you that may not know, WordPress is a content management system. That means that WordPress exists to make it easier to put things online. You can read more about WordPress here and on their website.

Here’s why we use WordPress:

[REASON NUMBER ONE.] WordPress doesn’t require web designers to write code. As such, building a website using WordPress requires much less time and effort than a traditionally-built website. Therefore, WordPress websites are far less expensive. Yet they’re still highly versatile, beautiful, and functional–and the technology is only improving.

[REASON NUMBER TWO.] WordPress is meant to be plug-and-play, ready for just about anything. You can choose from a million options in terms of appearance, functionality, and extras. For the same reason, WordPress sites are easy to update (just click “Update”) and easy to change (just swap one option for another). You’re not “stuck” with your designer anymore; you can make changes yourself, or have them made cheaply.

[WHAT’S THE CATCH?] You want to know the catch, so here it is. We can’t always 100% match what you might have in mind. We do our best, but the program has its limits. That’s the price you pay for ease of access. But if you check out our Portfolio, you’ll see that WordPress is already capable of some seriously cool output.